Shan Bae

A Self Love Advocate

As a self love advocate, my purpose is to positively support and influence people to practice self love. I have also dedicated my time to offer one on one consultations to help those in need of guidance. As a guided healer I am here to serve you; the people.


I am a writer, poet, author, certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, and the small business owner of Insaei Healing Shop. I write blog posts offering advice usually related to what I am going through or read. I create poetry and recently self published a collection of poetry. I have an online shop where I offer my services, handmade healing tools, and self care journals.

I am here to offer guided healing to you through many different mediums. I am offering you the safe place to enter energetically and relax in hopes that you can find your sense of direction again. Through connecting with me, we can work together to find what needs to be healed and work towards your goals together.

My Story

My name is Shannon and I am a 27 year old Kansas City, MO native. I am a mother to five beautiful children. As far as my work, I am a writer, poet, artist, author, Reiki Practitioner, small business owner, and aspiring certified holistic nutritionist.

I was born and raised in Missouri for majority of my life but resided in other states like Georgia and North Carolina for a short period in my life. I lived with my mother, step father, three sisters and brother.

I started writing poetry when I was in grade school at a very young age. Writing was a passion and a powerful coping skill for me throughout my childhood. I was also very connected to music in the same way and couldn’t have one without the other.

Spirituality, holistic, and western medicine has always been apart of my life. My grandmother is a registered nurse working as a private nurse; my aunt is a registered nurse working in a children’s hospital with critical babies; and my mother is a licensed massage therapist. As a kid I had a strong connection with numerology and the number eleven was always making an appearance.

Throughout my entire life I have experienced Deja Vu, powerful dreams, a sense of knowing, and a sense of feeling. I am very much connected with the energy of people and places. As a kid I feared these occurrences because I didn’t understand but know that I am adult I know I have a purpose to use these gifts to help those around me.