shan bae

is an artistic guide; an artist who guides healing through the practice of creative expression and meditation. 

shan bae brings meditation and guidance to art while encouraging her clients to be creatively present. she embodies these core values through her offerings of her art, community, keychains, readings, books, and more.

24 years of artistry

shan has dedicated her life to the betterment of her creative expression. she has come to understand the importance of her artwork and the role it has played in her healing. through her poetry and digital art, she has gained clarity into her traumatic experiences and turned them into aesthetic lessons. 

she has come to recognize, the ways in which art has helped her to maintain a spiritual connection to self and the universe. in this realization, she vows to offer her guidance using art and meditation as the catalyst to experience deep inner healing.

a lifetime of awakening

shan has many gifts from intuitive senses like feeling, seeing, and hearing to telepathy. early in her childhood, she experienced spiritual phenomena and clear knowing that gave her the ability to understand deeply. as an adult, she is dedicated to honing in on her extra-sensory perception and using her gifts to offer services to the betterment of self and the collective.