a space for the collective to heal through creative expression.


sun greeting

starting the day in gratitude and reflection can help rewire the brain decreasing stress on the body. as i greet you, i greet myself in love and with compassion. i hope that my efforts help to create a positive habit and relationship with self.

weekly affirmations

using affirmations is a way to claim the energy you wish to embody through the practice of manifestation. as i affirm you, i affirm myself in love and compassion. creating and reciting the weekly affirmation during prayer and meditation can be a relaxing way back to center.

live events

we will be hosting various events in the future such as:

  • discussions

  • readings

  • meditations

these events will be for the community to come together to discuss a plethora of topics such as mental health, divination readings, and guided meditations.

inspirational resources

as a healer, student, and guide, i vow to use this communal space to share inspirational content and resources to help the collective heal from our trauma. it is important that i share my knowledge, resources, and other content to help you along on your healing journey.


as our community grows and energy shifts, i will inform the community on what's up. these things could include:

  • upcoming events

  • challenges

  • offerings

  • resources

  • new members

  • new guides

reading discounts

as you support the community, the community supports you in love and compassion. community supporter's help contribute to sustaining the community spaces, the guides, and offerings. this dynamic gives relief that allows certain guides the ability to give offerings at an inexpensive price to people who are seriously dedicated to their healing journey but cannot afford to expensive rates.