• BOOKING IS CLOSED •an art reading is an intuitive and divine message from the universe birthed through the creation of digital illustrations and prose by shan bae. your favorite selfie will be turned into a work of art that is inspired by your energy. you will also receive a written prose alongside your reading.
return time: 1-3 weeks*this time may vary depending on previous bookings, holidays, etc.



processing your booking can take up to 48 hours depending on when the day of booking.


the completion of a reading can take up to 1-3 weeks depending on holidays, energy, demand, and more. readings can take longer if the energy of the reader is depleted. please remain patient as art readings are very much different from tarot.


the initial contact will be through text message to become acquainted and for the client to send the reader an image of themselves (selfie). the reading will then be sent as a pdf via text or email depending on certain circumstances. png of the artwork created can be delivered upon the clients request. if the client would like to have full rights to the artwork a fee of $100 must be paid.